Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Yipee! Blogger's working again!

Good grief it worked! Blogger seems to be working again (yippee!)

Well, on to promoting Craft Britannia's UK shop of the week. So far I've only been able to tweet the last two promotions (thanks a lot Blogger!).

So here goes for this week's promotion! If you like funky and fun earrings / rings / necklaces check out onetenzeroseven on Etsy.

I loved these moustache earrings, they're really fashionable at the moment and are a lot of fun.


and you'll have now worries about Vampires if you wear this Vervain filled pendant!


Please check out all onetenzero's other shop goodies at the link below:

Testing testing...

I've been trying to post on my blog for about 3 weeks with no success. For some reason Blogger just won't save anything I do, which has become a real irritation, so much that I'd given up trying again until today.

Fingers crossed this time it works, as I'm seriously thinking of going over to WordPress if it doesn't!

I'll be back shortly once I've tried publishing this post.