Saturday, 18 August 2012

I'm in need of cake!

 Hello readers, crafters and anyone else popping in for a read of my latest wafflings. 

The reason for me popping in here on a Saturday, is that I thought I'd better let you know, that my Etsy shop, blog, Twitter and everything else associated with the name 'My Small World' is going to be changing very soon. 
This is because of an email I received yesterday, which in a nut shell told me I can't carry on using 'My Small World' as my shop and blog name, the reason being is because the name was registered as a Ltd company name back in 2010. 
I'd started using the name on Etsy in 2007, then as an Etsy seller in 2009, at that time it wasn't a problem as I hadn't come across anyone else on the Internet using the shop name I had chosen (although the business sharing my shop name have told me they set up in 2005).

It's a shame to see the old name go, but I think I've been ready for a change for some time and let's be honest, the name 'My Small World' is very common on the Internet - I can hardly find my own shop or blog in amongst all the other people who've also decided that it's a good name to use for their blogs, so it's definitely time for a new identity for me & my creations.

"Well what's the new name?" I hear you ask. 
It took a few hours of umm-ing and ahh-ing to decide on something that's quirky, personal and is well, me! So my Etsy shop and blog will soon be called 'Kipper Tie and Cake'. "What?" I hear you cry, "that makes no sense at all..."
 Well, let me explain a bit more about myself. I'm a Black Country girl, being born in the old county of Staffordshire, which later became the West Midlands. 
My accent is more than a bit 'West Midlands', and one thing I like to do with people on the Internet who've never met me, is to tell them how to 'speak Black Country', one saying that's always been my favorite is "kipper tie...... with two sugars please" (translated as cup of tea with two sugars please). 

So that combined with my love of cake, tea shops and my accent, has turned my shop name into 'Kipper Tie & Cake', which is quirky enough for my tastes and gave me & DH a good giggle when I told him what I'd decided. 
We've been coming up with ideas for my new blog banner and of course my Etsy banner too, which is my next big change, along with my shop name and twitter and Crafting Connections, CRAFTfest and.... oh dear I still have so much to do, so I think I'd better get on with it then.

And after all this frantic typing I think it's definitely time for a nice kipper tie now, shame I don't have any cake though ;)


  1. I love it Katie, it's perfect. :)

    1. Haha I knew you'd get it Dayzee ;)

  2. I don't live miles from the Black Country, so though I don't have the accent myself I can certainly hear the way your new name should be said in my head! Definitely original, I like it!

    1. Thanks, I'm really enjoying the new name :)
      I only wish Google would speed up whatever it does, so people can find me.