Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Tatting around with Tatanis Rose

This week it's Etsy Craft Britannia team member, Heather Buckman and her shop Tatanis Rose.

Heather is the only person I know who tats, not in the 'messing around' sense, tatting is a form of lacemaking using a shuttle.

I found an explanation of tatting on an internet site called Ring of tatters, which says

"Tatting is a handmade knotted lace formed with thread, usually No. 20 or finer, and a small shuttle of 3" or less in length. The shuttle works as a thread-holder and, as with a weaving shuttle, it moves between the threads on the loom of the hand - but that is the only similarity with weaving. Many shuttles have an embedded hook which is used for joining elements together. If the shuttle has no hook a separate crochet hook is used."

An example of tatting with a hook

An image of tatting work using a shuttle, photo courtesy orange bloom

Tatting seems very different the the lacemaking I tried a few years ago, the technique I used, had threads pinned onto a cushion and wooden bobbins were used to weave the thread together into patterns (a bit like platting hair).

An example of threads and shuttles used for tatting 
                                                  Image courtesy of Ring of Tatters.

Some examples of Heather's beautiful and intricate lace work.
Beautiful lilac and white tatted earrings.

Variegated lilac pendant.

Grey tatted lace necklace

Another view of Heather's grey lace necklace, this shows more of the delicate detail.

Heather makes a range of tatted lace items, not just the jewellery I've featured here. She has a range of housewares, bookmarks, Christmas decorations and wedding pieces. Heather can also make custom orders in your choice of colour.
I do hope you'll visit her Etsy shop, she has lots of beautiful items to browse through.
You can find Heather through the links below:

On a more personal note, my shop is still undergoing some changes, I've yet to amend my CRAFTfest stall links and Google is being a '%$£@' (insert word of choice here!)
because my blog and old email are linked, so I can't add my new email address or identity to sign into Google. I'll figure it out eventually but it's been the hardest thing to get around so far. Oh and my banner has been tweaked but I'll be creating a better one when I have time.
I'm off to do some decorating now, it's nice to have a spot of cooler weather so I can get on with painting our hallway. 
See you next time! 
Katie x


  1. Fascinatingly informative, Katie! Thanks for the lovely feature on Heather's work - it is really beautiful and so intricate and delicate looking! And good luck with sorting out Google too!

    1. Thanks Erika, I enjoyed doing a little bit of technical stuff mixed in with Team CB's SOTW.
      I haven't got very far with Google yet but I'm keeping my fingers crossed I;ll be able to get it all sorted out.

  2. Heather's work is so beautiful, and it's really interesting to see the process behind it- thanks Katie!

  3. Looks so much more complicated than crochet! I'm in awe!
    Great post :)

  4. What a fabulous post - thanks for the tut it was most interesting. Lovely picks from Heather's shop

  5. lovely informative post and some of Heathers lovely items.

  6. Lovely post, and wonderful explanation too.

  7. Thanks for taking time to comment everyone & glad you liked the mini explanation of tatting.